The Symbaloos below are designed as an educational resource for teachers and students. The colored tiles on the Symbaloo represent different categories. The categories are listed below.  

Yellow:  Lesson Planning and Technology Blogs/Resources
Green:  Web-Based Math Resources
Purple:  Web-Based English Language Arts Resources
Black:  Brain Breaks
Pink:  Science and Social Studies

ELMO Document Camera How-To Videos

The video links below all come from You Tube and give simple, step-by-step directions on using your ELMO document camera.  The videos were created by ELMO specifically for their document cameras.  Wish you could do more with your document camera?  Then check-out these videos and try something new!

ELMO Setup
ELMO Basics
ELMO Operational Panel

You can also visit the ELMO website for other video tutorials and training guides.

MimioTeach Interactive Whiteboard How-To Videos and Online Guides

Looking for information that will help you use your MimioTeach more effectively?  Then have a look at the link below.  The link will take you to the Mimio Interactive Whiteboard website where you can view instructional videos or read step-by-step how-to guides online.

MimioTeach online guide
On-Demand Quick Learn Training
MimioTeach Video Tutorials

You can also visit the Mimio website for other video tutorials and training guides.