PE at Home

The goal of this page is to establish a common place for students and families to visit each week for new distance learning ideas, activities, and challenges to stay active and healthy while our school is closed
The content provided on this page will come from a variety of educational learning sources. Thank you to all the online physical educators and other education professionals for sharing resources to help students stay physically active and improve their skills.
Make sure you find a safe place to move, keep your body in control, have fun.
Below you will find weekly lessons and below that you will find extra activities you an do for times when you need a little movement.
Lesson 2 K-2 April 27-May 1

Week 2 intro Introduction with Mrs Montgomery  Shaping Body Numbers  Warm Up  Harry Potter Enchanted Spells Workout  Bottle Flip Chaos

Lesson 1  K-2 April 20-24  Introduction and Safety with Mrs Montgomery  Warm Up with Mrs. Montgomery  9 Min Exercise For Kids
Towel challenges At Home Game with Mrs. Montgomery

Extra Activities: - Ice Cream and Cake Dance - Peanut Butter Jelly Dance - Crazy Frog Dance -Mexican Hat Dance - Chicken Fat Workout  - Baby Shark Dance - Whip Nae Nae Dance - Waka Waka Dance - Swish Swish Dance - Cotton Eyed Joe Dance - Fortnite Workout - Avengers Tabata Workout - Hip Hop Tabata - Thunder Tabata - Old Town Road Tabata Workout - Spiderman Workout - Green Eggs and Ham Workout - Follow the Leader Workout - Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes Workout - Wipeout Workout - Raining Tacos Workout - Daily PE Workout  -